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Remarkable Machinery With High Precision, Efficiency, Industry-leading Performance And Affordable Price

Remarkable Machinery with High precision, Efficiency, Industry-leading Performance and Affordable price

Konix spans more than one decade of visionary design power, effective production ability with continuous improvements to design and manufacture aluminum foil container and aluminum coffee capsule machinery and mould distinguished by quality, integrity, teamwork and experience since our inception.

Outstanding Aluminum Foil Packaging Research And Development Capacities

Outstanding Aluminum Foil Packaging Research and Development Capacities

Besides professional aluminum foil container making machine, Konix has made a major breakthrough and can provide one-stop solution for Aluminum Coffee Capsule Production Line including making machine and mould and coffee capsule glue dispensing machine which brings change and progress to the entire coffee industry.

Tailored Mould Solutions With Craftman Spirite And Quality Assurance

Tailored Mould solutions with Craftman Spirite and Quality Assurance

Konix provides professional aluminum foil container mould customization. Crafted from premium materials, Konix mould delivers exceptional durability and longevity, ensuring reliable performance. Whether it’s wrinkle wall container, wrinkle-free container, or coffee capsule, Konix’s mould team can quickly provide you with reliable solutions.


In 2010, Konix initially entered the aluminum foil field and focused on in-depth application research, high-end mold design and development, supply and service of aluminum foil container making machines and Nespresso capsule making machines. Until now, konix has successfully developed into China’s top coffee capsule mold manufacturer and is engaged in mass production.

We are confident in the quality and precision of our machines, and our aluminum foil container making machines have been exported to more than 80 countries and regions around the world, including the United States, Canada, India, Russia, UAE, Egypt, Algeria, etc.



konix machinery project cases
aluminum foil container making machine
aluminum foil container machine


Automatic Coffee Capsule Glue Dispensing Machine

Automatic Coffee Capsule Glue Dispensing Machine

KONIX Automatic Coffee Capsule Glue Dispensing Machine KONIX Automatic coffee capsule glue dispensing machine with UV light curing is a specialized device used in coffee capsule manufacturing to precisely apply glue or adhesive to the capsules and then cure it using UV light. This combination ensures efficient and rapid sealing of the capsules. This is another huge breakthrough since Konix.…