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Aluminum Foil Nespresso Capsule Mould

Specification: One cavity, two cavity, etc.

Container size: On requirement

Brand: KONIX

Place of Origin: Guangzhou, China

Driven Type: Pneumatic

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Aluminum Foil Nespresso Capsule Mould


Aluminum foil nespresso capsule mould is used to form raw material into container shape precisely.

We have extensive experience in working with Aluminum container molds for both our own production and meeting customer requirements. Our molds incorporate high technology, offering ease of operation and maintenance.

When the aluminum foil capsule mold we produce is working, the material wrinkles produced during the stretching process of the aluminum foil material are very few, the surface of the aluminum foil material is not easily scratched, the capsule curling is perfect, and the stability is high.

Our flexibility extends to producing molds in different shapes and sizes to accommodate various container specifications. Additionally, we can customize the number of cavities in the mold to meet production needs.

All our molds are constructed using high-quality steel. The flow areas undergo heat treatment to achieve the proper hardness, ensuring reliable tools with a long lifespan.

We prioritize long-term relationships with our customers and provide excellent service. In the event of spare part replacement, we guarantee delivery within two weeks, keeping downtime to a minimum.


  1. The technology is unique and exclusive in China, with the capacity of production of machinery could vary from 6000 pcs/hour.
  2. This production line can work automatically. Worker operates the machine through electric control system and collect the stacked capsules
  3. The flange tooth technique which is done once by punch is supported, so as to be used without any ring attached.
  4. Capsule appearance and technique can be customized on customer request
  5. The mould is is made of imported high-quality mold steel DC53 which is More durable, higher strength, longer life span, higher product precision

Production Capacity

The capacity of production of konix capsule machinery could be 4800- 6,000 pcs/hour


  1. Overseas machinery service: Our team of engineers is available to provide service and support for machinery overseas, ensuring timely assistance and maintenance.
  2. Internship and worker training: We offer internship services and can assist in training your workers to operate molds and machines effectively, enhancing their skills.
  3. Technical assistance: We provide constant technical assistance to support users throughout the installation phases, testing processes, and continuous maintenance of the machines.


  1. Cavities: 1~6 (2-cavity is recommeded for beginning)
  2. Mould working speed: 40-50 circles/min
  3. Mould material: DC53(Core), #45 Steel
  4. Mould weight: About 450kg (2-cavity)
  5. Mould size: 750mm*600mm*450mm
  6. Core hardness: 62HRC
  7. Processing technique: Equipped with precision guide posts and bushings, low speed wire cutting, CNC and precision surface grinding, and all accessories are made with precision.
  8. Capsule appearance/design: According customer’s request (Price needs to be negotiated).

Production Flow

  • The feeder feeds the material into the pneumatic press.
  • The material goes into the mold and is pressed into shape.
  • Products are made and blown out
  • Products are transferred by conveyer or receiving table


Whether you require modifications to size, capacity, functionality, or automation features of Aluminum Foil Nespresso Capsule Mould, our team of experts works closely with you to design and manufacture a machine that precisely fits your production goals.

Our production line enhance productivity and streamline operations, but it also offers reliability. Built to last, our machines are durable and designed for continuous performance, minimizing downtime, and allowing you to meet your production targets consistently. Our molds use mold steel imported from Japan to ensure stable use for up to ten years


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