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Since its entry into the aluminum foil packaging metal industry in 2010, KONIX has made significant progress in the field. Initially, the company focused on designing and producing metal coil feeders and forming machine for sheet metal processing. However, with the changing times and market demands, KONIX expanded its scope to include the aluminum foil container packaging industry.

Drawing on its accumulated experience, KONIX quickly developed an aluminum foil feeder capable of handling thicknesses ranging from 0.03mm to 0.2mm. Additionally, a fully automatic stacker was introduced to complement the feeder. By integrating these components with a punch press and enhancing automation, KONIX successfully created a fully automatic aluminum foil container production line.

However, KONIX’s dedication to improvement didn’t stop there. The company continued to explore and enhance its supporting products. To achieve this, KONIX hired an aluminum foil container mold engineer with 20 years of design and production experience. Through a comprehensive service that encompasses design, production, and sales of aluminum foil container equipment and molds, KONIX significantly improved the economic benefits and customer satisfaction.

With the development of equipment business, the company has gradually provided services for new and old customers to produce finished aluminum foil products. At the same time, the company increased its investment in overseas markets. The products are exported to North America, South America, Middle East, South Asia, Europe, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and other countries, and the export value has increased year by year.

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aluminum foil container machine factory

14+Years of Experience


100+ export countries


R&D Center 1000+ ㎡


More than 100 employees

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This Is Why Choose Us

Our company attaches great importance to the training of employees. In addition to postgraduate engineers, it also holds regular internal training sessions to improve the professional skills of workshop workers, sales and foreign trade personnel. All employees of the company work diligently in their own positions, unite and unite, and pay their own energy for the company’s development and growth.

Since the factory was opened, our team has focused on the development and manufacturing of production processes, molds and fully automatic production equipment for aluminum foil containers/aluminum foil packaging projects. We have always strived for survival by quality and quality of service, so that domestic and foreign merchants can buy peace of mind and use peace of mind. Everything is designed according to the needs of customers, and designs and manufactures the molds and equipment that customers want most.

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Strong Production Capacity

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Molds in various situations



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