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Aluminium Foil Container Project Report

Ⅰ.Cost of container




The wastage of the square container is 14%

The wastage of the circular container is 16%

Removing the percentage of wastage,the weight of finished containers can be produced from 1T of aluminum ingots:

Square container:860,000g

Circular container:840,000g

By weighing 10 finished containers of the same model,the weight of a container can be obtained.

24.Aluminum foil-services-1500.1497

How many pieces of containers can be produced per ton?

Square container:860,000g/Weight of a container=Quantity

Circular container:840,000g/Weight of a container=Quantity


Aluminum foil price=Prevailing price of aluminum ingot +Processing fee of 4,500 to 5,000 yuan(The fee of processing aluminum ingots into aluminum foil)

The Cost of a container

The aluminium foil price of 1T / Quantity=Cost

Ⅱ.The cost of factory operation

The cost of factory operation

  1. The manufacturers of aluminum foil container in China,they can basically pay for electricity and labor costs after selling the remaining foil scrap in the production process everyday.This is only based on machines that produce more than 16 hours a day.
  2. The recycling price of Aluminum foil(75% to 80% of the price of aluminum ingot raw materials)
  3. We suggest that the foil scrap can be collected and shipped back to China for sale.