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What to Pay Attention To When Buying Aluminum Foil Rolls

With the development of the times, great changes have also taken place in the normal selection of materials. Aluminum is a kind of light metal with a large consumption, its plasticity is strong, the repeated utilization rate is high, and the density is low, the hardness of the alloy is high, and there is a case of aluminum for wood and aluminum for steel. Quantitative development strategy, in many traditional industries, aluminum alloys are gradually replaced by aluminum alloys. Because aluminum has low brightness and low weight, it has the effect of energy saving and emission reduction.

aluminum foil rolls

The character of aluminum directly affects the character of this product, so morality is the top priority of the problem. Then, for the control of morality, it is necessary to start from the details. Only the large manufacturers with strong strength can strictly control the production process and process, and pay attention to the morality from the source of the spring. The small manufacturers are cutting the materials and falsely reporting the parameter list to obtain the maximum benefit. , will not consider the product morality of the product, only do not have big problems on the line, with such a mentality to operate.

Buying things will pay attention to the price. In all people’s minds, there will be a point that manufacturers sell cheaply. It is right to have this heart, but for the aluminum industry, the opposite is true. Because the aluminum plate is processed with aluminum ingots, and the weight of an aluminum ingot is several tens of tons to several hundred tons, so only one time can Only a few tens of tons or even hundreds of tons of time can be ordered directly from the manufacturers. For small and single customers, the production companies will not care.

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At the beginning of China’s aluminum market, such as bamboo shoots after the rain, caused a lot of large and small distributors and aluminum sheet factories, then what time should you pay attention to when choosing aluminum?

Since it is a sale, it definitely involves services, such as pre-sales and after-sales. Being a service is also a guarantee of your rights. If there is no service guarantee, if there is a problem with the purchased product, then only the customer will be lost, and the customer can only recognize the bad luck. If there is a perfect pre-sales and after-sales service, there will be no such problems.

Aluminum foil:

  1. Household aluminum foil material: 8011 0 thickness: 0.009-0.02mm
  2. Food soft packaging aluminum foil material: 8011, 1235, 1145 thickness: 0.009-0.23mm
  3. Air conditioning aluminum foil material: 8011, 3003, 1100 thickness: 0.07-0.25mm

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