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Aluminum Foil Container Machine FAQ

The First Time Investors Complete The Entire FAQ, You Can Get A Basic Understanding Of The Investment Situation.

Are You A Factory?

We Are A Small Machinery Manufacturer In China. With Low Price, Reliable Performance And Perfect After-Sales Service, We Occupy More Than 50% Market Share In China’s Aluminum Foil Container Production Industry. The Established Foreign Trade Department Will Bring Stable And Reasonable Price Aluminum Foil Container Production Lines To Customers All Over The World.

How To Choose The Mould size?

We Generally Recommend That Customers Decide The Size Of The Mould According To The Size Of The Container Sold In Your Own Market.

How Many Cavities Should A Mould Have?

Now Due To The Profit Of The Aluminum Foil Production Industry, Considering The Energy Consumption Of The Aluminum Foil Container Production Line, The Wastage (Slitter Edge) Is Low, It Is Generally Recommended That The Customers Do The Mould With More Than Two Cavities. A Container Which Is Less Than 450ml Can Be Used As A Mould With Four Cavities, But Considering The Problem Of Wastage,We Suggest That Customers Do The Mould With Three Cavities, So That The Production Line Of Aluminum Foil Container Will Be Stable, The Wastage Is Low,And It Can Be Fitted To The 63T Press . It Is Also Normal To Make One Cavity For A Large Container. Actually, We Will Discuss With Our Engineers And Make Decisions Based On Customer Requirements.

How To Choose A Press Machine?

According To The Size Of The Container,And Then Decide How Many Cavities Should A Mould Have.According To The Mould Cut Size, To Determine The Type Of Press Machine, 45T/63T.

Why Use Pneumatic Press ?

The Disadvantages Of Flywheel Rotary Press: High Noise And High risk.The Advantages Of Pneumatic Press:Low Noise And High Security.

Why Is Aluminum Foil Coated With Aluminum Foil Oil?

The Edible Oil With Food Grade And Volatile Characteristics Is Added To Lubricate The Raw Materials, To Prevent The Occurrence Of Tight Tensile Fracture During The Stamping Process.

How To Determine The Mould?

The Customer Provides Samples Or Pictures, Drawings And Other Materials, As The Aluminum Foil Container Is Easy To Be Deformed During Transportation, It May Be Unidentifiable,So Customers Should Use Special Packing To Express To The Company For Confirmation , Then Determine The Specifics Of The Mould Opening Based On The Intact And Accurate Sample Of Container Provided By The Customer.After The Mould Drawing Comes Out, It Will Be Sent To The Customer For Confirmation, After Confirmation,The Mould Will Be Opened For Production.

Cost Of On-Site Installation And Debugging.

Round-Trip Ticket Abroad,Accommodation And Travel Expenses.Our Company Can Arrange Technicians For Installation,Debugging And Technical Guidance, But The Customer Needs To Pay For The Resulting Round-Trip Airfare,Board And Lodging Expenses.The Daily Salary Of Each Technician is 50USD,And The Customer Should Have Your Own Translator.The Time Of Installation,Debugging And Guidance Is Usually 5 Days To End (2-4 Sets Of Moulds).

Selection Of Aluminum Foil Width

Semi-Automatic, 10MM Wider Than The Mould Cut. Fully Automatic, 12MM Wider Than The Mould Cut.

Selection Of Aluminum Foil Material


The Difference Between The Two:

Advantages: 8011 Is Relatively Soft, Which Is Better To Maintain The Mould Performance And Extend The Service Life. Disadvantages: The Container Is Relatively Soft Compared To 3003 After Moulding.

Advantages: 3003 Is Relatively Hard,Generally Speaking, Under The Same Thickness, The Container Is Harder Than 8011 Aluminum Foil After Moulding. Disadvantages: Poor Ductility, The Bottom Corner Of The Container Breaks Easily.

State Distinction: 0 State / H24.

Selection Of Aluminum Foil Thickness

Through Market Research,According To The Actual Needs Of Customers,Then Discuss With Our Technical Engineers.

Production Staff Arrangement

Semi-Automatic Has 2-3 Person Per Set, Fully Automatic Has 1 Person Per Set.

Test-Run The Machine

After Determining The Size Of The Aluminum Foil Container Mould, The Width Of The Aluminum Foil Shall Be Determined By The Mould Cut,Order Some Aluminum Foil Material To Test-Run The Machine,Provide Necessary Raw Materials To The Company Before The Delivery Date,And Technicians Will Test The Equipment Before Shipment,In Case The Raw Materials For Test-Run Machine Which Provided By Customers Are Not Timely,Resulting In The Commissioning Time Exceeding The Delivery Time,The Delivery Of The Equipment Is Delayed, And The Default Occurs.Generally Speaking, According To The Mould Specifications Provided By Customer,One Specification Is One Roll Material, The Wider The Aluminum Foil Material Is Used, The Larger The Test Roll Material Will Be Used, And The 500MM Wide Aluminum Foil Needs To Use More Than 200 KG Roll Material. And Clearly Feedback The Remaining Part after the commissioning of raw materials Provided By The Customer Will Be Returned To The Customer As Soon As The Equipment is Shipped.

What Problems Will Occur When We Use The Equipment?

Mould Will Get Problems Sometimes,So Your Company’s Technicians Must Learn How To Install And Maintain Mould.

Does It Include On-Site Installation And Debugging?

Yes,It Does.

Can The Thickness Of Aluminum Foil Used In The Mould Be Changed At Will During The Production?

The Thickness Of Aluminum Foil Used In The Mould Can Not Be Less Than 5 Micro Which Was Discussed.