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Semi Automatic Aluminium Foil Container Machine SQAF-SA

Small investment and business first choice, lower price, large working table can accommodate 2-3 cavity molds, for detailed machine parameters, please contact us for consultation.

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Semi Automatic Aluminum Foil Container Machine

A.  Composition of the production line

1. Automatic Aluminum foil feeder

aluminium foil container making machine Control display


2. Pneumatic press machine (WORLD Press Machine special for Aluminum foil container, 45T, 60T, 80T optional)


3. Aluminum Foil Container Mould, number of cavities optional

Aluminum Foil Containers Mould

B. Semi Automatic Aluminum Foil Container Machine Work Process

Unwinding  –  Aluminum Foil Over-Oil  –  Aluminum Foil Feeding  –  Press Stamping  –  Waste Collection  –  Manual Collection Container

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