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Aluminum Foil Container Mould 5 Cavity

Aluminium Foil Container Mould Manufacturer From China Over 15 Years’ Experience

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Aluminum foil container mould is used to form raw material into container shape precisely.

  • Aluminum Foil Container Mould is Made of imported high-quality mold steel

Mold Carrier And Mold Core DC-53, SKD11 etc. Pruning Wound DC-53, SKD11 From Japan.

  • With the flexibility of gas, it adopts the principle of gas compression and rebound, with longer service life, high precision, more stable quality, and the design is more suitable for the tensile and tensile characteristics of aluminum foil.
  • The processing of aluminum foil containers is completed from cutting, stretching, forming, curling, and finished products at one time, including various sides (G side, L side or IVC, folding side, etc.). The mold can also be treated differently according to different customer needs, or special treatment (special electroplating treatment or nano treatment)


mould for aluminium containers

aluminum foil container mkaing machine and mould

aluminum foil container cavities mould

Whether you require modifications to size, capacity, functionality, or automation features of aluminum foil container mould, our team of experts works closely with you to design and manufacture a machine that precisely fits your production goals.

Our production line enhance productivity and streamline operations, but it also offers reliability. Built to last, our machines are durable and designed for continuous performance, minimizing downtime, and allowing you to meet your production targets consistently. Our molds use mold steel imported from Japan to ensure stable use for up to ten years

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