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Aluminum Foil Container Mould

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An aluminum foil container mold is a specialized tool used in the manufacturing of aluminum foil containers. These containers are widely used in the food industry for packaging and serving various food items. The mold is designed to shape and form the aluminum foil into specific container shapes, such as trays, pans, or dishes. KONIX spent more than 13 years in R&D, Manufacturing and Supplying best quality mould all around the world.

The production capacity can vary from 50-300 pcs per min according to different cavities.


  1. With the flexibility of gas, it adopts the principle of gas compression and rebound,  high precision, more stable.
  2.  Manufactured with best heat treatment and WEDM-LS process, with high processing accuracy within 0.005mm.
  3. The processing of aluminum foil containers is completed from cutting, stretching, forming, curling, and finished products at one time, including various sides (G side, L side or IVC, folding side, etc.).
  4. The normal service life of the mold: 10 million to 100 million times (excluding wearing parts) the wearing parts are shears, guide pillars, cylinders, crimping grooves, etc.
  5. Mold materials and processing technology: mainly 45 carbon steel, DC53, CR12MOV, after quenching and tempering, vacuum heat and deepening cold treatment, etc., the mold is equipped with precision guide posts and guide bushes, slow wire cutting processing, precision surface grinding, and all accessories are Fine workmanship.
  6. Mold size: depends on container size and number of cavities
  7. Mold speed: 45-60 times/minute


Whether you require modifications to size, capacity, functionality, or automation features of aluminum foil container mould 2 Cavity, our team of experts works closely with you to design and manufacture a machine that precisely fits your production goals.

Our production line and aluminum foil container mould 2 Cavity enhance productivity and streamline operations, but it also offers reliability. Built to last, our machines are durable and designed for continuous performance, minimizing downtime, and allowing you to meet your production targets consistently. Our molds use mold steel imported from Japan to ensure stable use for up to ten years

Manufacturers of aluminum foil containers typically invest in customized molds based on their specific requirements. These molds are designed to meet the desired container shapes, sizes, and production capacities.

It’s worth noting that while aluminum foil container molds are widely used, the actual manufacturing process involves several other steps, including aluminum foil feeding, punching, and stacking, among others. The molds play a crucial role in shaping and forming the containers accurately and efficiently.

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