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Automatic Aluminium Foil container Stacker

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Automatic Aluminium Foil container Stacker Introduction

The profile frame structure is adopted, the appearance is beautiful and solid, and it is suitable for the collection of various aluminum foil lunch boxes, aluminum foil containers, and aluminum foil packaging boxes;

The design of Automatic Aluminium Foil container Stacker adopts the adjustment of various aluminum foil containers without tools, and the operation is simple and convenient;

The design of Automatic Aluminium Foil container Stacker is suitable for the use of various aluminum foil container moulds. It has the detection of mold jamming and discharging, which can better protect the mold and equipment. The four lifting platforms are self-developed servo lifting structures, with high precision, fatigue resistance and long service life. ;

A. Machine Detail


B. Automatic Stacker Parameters:

Multiple Lanes Automatic Stacker, depends on the number of cavities

Minimum container/plate size required: (LxW):150 x 100 mm
The maximum size of the container/plate does not exceed: (LxW):250 x 140 mm
Collect maximum speed30-60 / min
Transfer table height (adjustable)900-1000 (adjustable)
The stack height is up to: (can be adjusted according to the shape and size of the product)360 mm
Material Collection Workbench Size700 x 550 mm (adjustable)
Conveyor width500mm
Working power1kw
Working voltage220v
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