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Nespresso Coffee Capsule Making Machine

Coffee capsule:

Aluminum foil coffee capsule is used for coffee packing. It’s able to protect the unique aromas and flavours of our coffees – unlike any other material available today.

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Nespresso Coffee Capsule Making Machine

Nespresso Coffee Capsule Making Machine, also called Aluminum Foil Cofffee Capsule Forming Making Machine is used to make empty aluminum foil coffee capsule. The reason you choose our machine is that capsules it make is high-quality, with fine workmanship, thin and light, best compatibility, and will be a good trend in future coffee market!

Production Line Composition

  • Auto-lubricated Foil Feeder
  • Pneumatic Press 45 Ton
  • High-precision capsule mould
  • Conveyor belt (Can be provided on customer request)

Production Capacity

Long-time stable and continuous production should be guaranteed

by speed 90 PCS/min, which is 54,000 PCS/10 hours NON-STOP


  • High quality mould steel: Nespresso mould is made of imported high-quality mold steel DC53 (Japanese Standard. Several times the price compared to other common mould steel). Advantage: More durable, higher strength, longer life span, higher product precision
  • High precision. The processing accuracy error is within01mm, otherwise it will easily lead to low yield rate
  • Support size and shape customization. The processing of aluminum foil espresso capsule is completed from cutting, stretching, forming, curling, and finished products at one time, including various sides (G side, L side or IVC, folding side, etc.). The mold can also be treated differently according to different customer needs, or special treatment (special electroplating treatment or nano treatment)


Aluminium foil feeder KNF-700

Max width of material:  700mm

Feeding accuracy: ±0.1mm

Feeding length: 1~9999mm

Power: 1. 5kw

Machine dimension: 1400*1300*1100mm


Penumatic  Press Machine

Pressure: 45T

Work surface width: 1400mm x 1000mm

Strokes:  45~75 times/min

Motor power: 5.5kw


Production Flow

Decoil– Oil Lubrication – Aluminum Foil Feeding – Press Stamping – Maunal Collection


Why choose us

The PLC program logic of the whole production line is perfectly matched, which greatly improves the Production Efficiency of the whole machine and the Rationality of Program Control logic, and is more smart humanized.

This machine widely used for manufacturing aluminum foil coffee capsule.

– Speed can be adjusted.

-Complete with PLC Control Panel Board.

-High productive and low cost.

-Stable property, easy operation.

-Bespoke Nespresso Aluminum Coffee Capsule Machine Manufacturer

Aluminum Foil Feeder adopts Servo System: Perfect performance for aluminum foil materials with different thickness and big width to complete feeding quickly and higher accurately. The curve output torque makes the aluminum foil stable without shaking. Its automatic lubrication system can make aluminum foil container in precise shape.

Press Adopted Automatic Circulation Lubrication System: the progressive lubricating oil distributor is equipped with Lubrication Fault Detection Switch to ensure sufficient and uniform lubrication , avoid damage


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